M4D Course Certificates Despatched to Eligible Participants

MOOC4D Course Certificates have been despatched to all the eligible participants as of today (January 3, 2014). These have been sent via email to the ID registered on the class site (www.m4d-mooc.org). If you think you are eligible and have not received the certificate, please check the spam folder (and the "Promotional" or "social" tabs in Gmail).



We are awarding two kinds of certificates. If a participant has performed well in the quizzes we will give him/her a "C" (Competency) certificate. To those students who could not do that well in quizzes, but have participated in the course to a reasonably consistent level, we will give a "P" (Participation) certificate. A participant will get either of these certificates.

Precise criterion for both of the above types of certificates is as below:

• If your aggregate score from all quizzes is more than 40% then you get a "C" certificate. For example, assuming both quizzes to be of 100 marks and you scored 20 marks in quiz-1  and 70 in quiz-2 then your combined score (20 + 70 = 90) is more than 40% (0.4 x 2 x 100 = 80) hence you get the "C" certificate.
• If you do not qualify for a "C" certificate, but your aggregate score from "attendance" and quizzes is more than 50% then you will get a "P" certificate. We calculate your "attendance" score by looking at yours viewing statistics for Core Lecture videos/slides (PDF). For example, if your score on "attendance" is 45% and your score on all quizzes is 5% then you will get a "P" certificate.

Based on these criteria, certificates have been prepared. Each certificate, "C" or "P" is jointly signed by the Center for Continuing Education, IIT Kanpur and the Commonwealth of Learning.

Your queries in this regard can be addressed to m4dmooc at gmail.  We may need a little time to respond but we certainly will.

All learning materials presented in this course can now be accessed as Open Educational Resources at this site.