Course Delivery is Completed!

The delivery part of this course is now completed.

The Instructor in Charge has provided a wind-up talk which is available in the course lectures link. Please do visit the video.

The second and final quiz, open to all the registered learners from 18th November, 0500 GMT is extended till 27th November 2013.

This course commenced on October 2, 2013, which was the birthday of late M K Gandhi. Globally known as Mahatma Gandhi and affectionately called Gandhiji in India, he devoted considerable amount of efforts towards building a new paradigm of education. He called it Nai Talim; Nai stands for "new" in many languages of South Asia and Talim, with its roots in Arabic, stands for "education". Nai Talim stresses lifelong learning and its strong social character, both factors recognized globally today as important, even indispensable.

The concluding overview presents a landscape in which all the topics presented and discussed in this course are positioned conceptually. Any new initiative involving mobiles in human development could proceed from making use of the five components identified as part of this landscape.

The course team is able to track the access analytics of learners. Based on data so available, participants who have accessed course lectures at least up to a proportion will be eligible for a participation certificate. Those who have attempted both the quizzes and have secured a certain minimum score would be eligible to receive a competency certificate. We will announce how the certificates will be made available and the time frame.

We thank you for your interest and participation. Please continue to access the course materials!