Welcome to the Sixth and Final Week!

 We thank you for your continued participation. Course lectures for this week have been released on the online class site. In this final week, we thought we should draw your attention first to two important announcements:


1. There will be a quiz next week and the Instructor will give an overview lecture to complete the course.

2. Online chat on m-Learning!

Dr Aga Palalas at 1400 GMT on 11th NOV

Prof Ally will moderate the chat at 0200 GMT on 12th NOV.

The focus this week is on mobiles in financial inclusion which is an important aspect of human development. A set of core topics on this focal theme cover India, Uganda, Kenya and Sri Lanka. The National Institute of Banking Management in India has put together a number of talks on key technology and regulatory aspects of mobiles in banking. Some of the case studies are provided as optional topics.

We are aware that many of you are interested in m-Learning. Professor Ally and Dr Palalas have provided a number of talks on this theme, covering case studies from all over the world. They also cover research and dwell on the future with mobiles in education. 

There is a demo of a device set that helps set up the equivalent of a networked classroom when no grid power or data connectivity is available.