Coming up in Week 4

We thank you for your participation in this course through the past three weeks. Course Lectures for the Week 4 are now available. Please visit and start making use of them.

During this week, we will be looking at the backend of mobile services. You keep hearing of Cloud Computing or Cloud Services. In this week's lectures, Professor Balwinder Sodhi, a senior member of the course team, talks about these matters extensively. You should be able to gain good insights into the way Cloud Services can interface with delivery of mobile services. In fact, this is a major driver of for-profit development of services and products today.

Before we start with Cloud topics, we would like you to dwell upon two talks on mobile pedagogy and design. Dr Aga Palalas gives you important information and insights on both these topics. We then have a talk by Professor Amitabh Mukherjee on Wikipedia, the best known example of read-write web. Professor Mukherjee has been associated with Wikipedia since its inception and has high levels of familiarity with the techniques as well as processes of creating and editing matter on Wikipedia. We feature a talk by Professor Yatindra Nath Singh on Voice over IP. This talk is technically rich but not difficult. It introduces you to technologies that underlie products and services such as Skype.

Quiz? We will offer a trial quiz this week that will help you get familiar with online tests in general. After this practice quiz, you will do a real one with grades.

There one idea that should interest many of you. We have a huge international community here and there is great talent and leadership in the group. Wikipedia does not have an entry on Mobiles for Development. Can we create one as a group? You are already collaborating online in many ways in this course. Why not work the Wikipedia space and create a lasting contribution for the world?